Oh my tummy

Early morning Prevacid helps, but I do NOT like being woken up about 5am to take it - or at least when my tummy bothers me enough to make me wake up. I'm on vacation, dammit!

Oh, and the weatherman keeps adding precipitation to things, which makes the day less desirable as I go.
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Something I didn’t expect to see on my company’s internal website.

Let me say that my company has a great internal site. It changes daily with updates on things like new training available, a weekly message from the CEO, the requisite stock stuff that everyone likes, pics and info on new employees that started that week, announcements about class offerings (the info about the new Lactation Class has been up there since November, but whatever). Today there’s a link to a new “Faith-based Initiative”. *blink* *blink* So I read it, and it makes sense – working to create strong communities and that would include working with existing faith-based communities as a point of contact. I wouldn’t exactly say it bothers me, it’s definitely a smart move on the part of the company, it just seems, well, odd. Maybe I’m so used to seeing such a strong reaction to business + religion in any way that I’m automatically questioning it. Something to think about while I spend my day giving face time to a manager who’s not in and there’s NO WORK FOR ME TO DO.
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Snow and flannel sheets

So, I got flannel sheets yesterday (on sale, no less, only $17), and decided to wash them and put them on my bed last night. Very cozy to snuggle up in fluffy sheets and waking up to snow - enough that work was on "liberal leave". Apparently 4 out of 30 folks showed up to actually work, but since I have 5 days I have to use by March 31, I took the day. So now I have my 3-day weekend of sleeping in, under wonderfully soft sheets and putter around the house. They still haven't plowed or sanded my street as the whole area is still a pristine white. It's very beautiful.

I love random days off like this. A little surprise at the last minute and the day becomes completely fun and relaxing. The best kind of Monday.
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Things to do and all that jazz

So I'm in the shower at 7am and my work pager goes off. Well, I'm in the shower with a head full of shampoo - it'll wait. I find out that the super important 8:30am meeting I was going to had been postponed due to a conflicting meeting that I wasn't attending. (And with that the rush to complete all kinds of documentation last night went out the window).

I need to coordinate an evening to have dinner over at my sister's place. She's just back from Europe but this week is Restaurant Week in DC, so she's mad busy working and I have some things to navigate in my schedule. Plus, I'm not a big fan of driving into the city on a weeknight, which is when this would be.

Need to get the rebate for my computer from Dell. Also return a component that I purchased from buy.com that isn't what I really needed (and I subsequently found the right one locally) but I have to research their RMA policy.

Get my car inspected. Due to some things going on in the fall, I wasn't paying attention and the inspection lapsed. Hopefully I can do that this afternoon at the service station across the street.

ATM run to get monies for incidentals as well as fees I owe the roommate that he pays for.

Keep and eye out for my W-2 so I can make an appt. to get my taxes done ASAP. I hate letting that linger.

Oh, and continue to play the hurry-up-and-wait game with work on certain meetings so that I end up with either harried work or total boredom during any given day.

Other than that, I had a great birthday and January is being a good month thus far.
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My apartment complex rental office is closed on Tuesdays, and I have confirmation that my new computer and monitor were just delivered and signed for. Bleah!
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Wow, more than one post in a day

I'm talking to a friend on IM today. Yesterday an IT legend died, in the past few days several large companies have RIFfed folks and so, we chatted about those things. And I saw the URL of the property (10 acres) and house the family is buying and moving to - and hoping that the job in that area stays intact. Their family has had a tragic death recently. Even though they're moving, I hope the small updates about life continue. I've known this person for years, but always in 'updates' kinda ways. I just realized how I've missed them during this period of stress for them. I want success and happiness for this family, almost in the way I want a character in a great book to win/succeed/triumph. And yet, it would be no more personal to me than a character in a book. And it's odd to realize this feeling. I wish we could be closer - it's just not a possibility.
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Oh Coricidin D

How I worship thee. This now appears to be the ONLY OTC thing I've met that stops the raging sneezing fits followed by the requisite 1/2 a box of tissues. *I* never buy it, but I was out of my OTC help-my-nose-work meds, and borrowed from my 1 roommate, who has ALWAYS bought this product. This morning I had to borrow again because my newly purchased OTC stuff I took didn't work and I still had to take some Coricidin D. But now I'm mostly sneeze-free for my day off. Yay!

(It's the small things that can make or break a day.)
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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Despite the snow this morning, I headed into work as I had a morning training class to attend. My manager lives in the wilds of Maryland, so he worked from home. My only other co-worker hurt herself in a basketball game last night and thus did not make it into work. So of course, 10 minutes into this training class, I'm paged with a monumentally urgent message to get on a conference call. You see, we'd lost 1 path of redundancy to a set of contingency servers that are used by zero people at the moment, and we had to decide if there would just be a hot swap (which may or may not work) or if we could chance the risk of possibly having to reboot the array which would then render those unused servers unreachable for about 5 minutes. This took 3 separate conference calls. This is the short version of my morning at work.

However, all was redeemed when I went for my afternoon iced tea at the cafeteria. I walk through the atrium area from my end of the building and I see that all the trees in the front of my building have been wrapped from bottom to the end of nearly every branch with the tiny clear lights and they're lit. With the snow covering the whole front grounds, it was just beautiful. I'll have to drive by at night to see how fabulous it looks then. I love holiday light decorations.
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